Explosion Vent Applications

“How Explosion Vents Protect Manufacturing Facilities”

Combustible Dust Explosion Vents on Dust Collectors
Explosion Vent Application
Combustible Dust Explosion Vents on Dust Collectors – The application pictured, is of a dust collector handling combustible dust and chemicals. There are four panels sized based on the collector size, collector Pred, and combustible dust/chemical properties. The two vents on the “dirty air” side of the collector will provide protection for the combustible dust and chemicals and the two vents on the “clean air” side are for any chemicals that pass through the filters to the clean side.

Explosion Vents on Silos – Storage silos, both new and existing, may need explosion venting due to the containment of combustible dust. In this case, pitch (graphite) storage silos with an integral bucket elevator required explosion vent retrofitting. Systech provided thirty-four (34) 24”x36” explosion relief vents that were positioned on the silos and (8) explosion relief vents located on the interconnecting bucket elevator. Chemical isolation was also provided on the interconnecting duct between the bucket elevator and storage bin located inside the building.

Explosion Vents on Silos and Bucket Elevator

Explosion venting on a silo and bucket elevator.

Explosion Vent on Silo

Explosion vent on storage silo

Replacing Explosion Vents on Silos – This application called for the replacement of ten (10) explosion vents, 44” x 69”, on a silo handling grain. We provided replacements that were the exact same size and fit as the existing ones, so mounting modifications were not required. This was also a “rush” project, and we were able to push these explosion vents out the door in five (5) working days.

Retrofitting Explosion Vents – Retrofit of an explosion vent on a Farr dust collector. This was a project to relocate the collector to an application that required explosion protection. The fan, fabricated duct and explosion vent were parts of the installation package.  

Retrofitting Explosion Vents

Retrofit of an explosion vent onto a cartridge dust collector

Flameless Explosion Vent

Flameless explosion vent on a dust collector

Flameless Explosion Vents – Flameless vents can be specified on new equipment and retrofitted on existing equipment. The photo shows a small dust collector application on a woodshop where there was not enough space inside for the collector and the area outside did not have protected space for a safe explosion vent discharge.