Flameless Explosion Vents

“Flameless Explosion Vents are Ideal for Protection”


Flameless Explosion Vent & XP System

Flameless explosion venting

Like explosion vents, flameless vents are a little more sophisticated and relieve the heat, pressure, and gases from an explosion, but the two products differentiated by the flame arrestor on the flameless vent which allows the flames to be arrested as they pass through the vent. Based on how a flameless vent works, a flameless vent can be utilized on indoor applications or outdoor applications where there isn’t a safe area to explosion vent. 

Unlike explosion vents, the standard flameless vent valve opens with the pressure from an explosion and the valve closes and resets when the pressure relieves. This means the flameless vent can be used multiple times unlike an explosion vent that needs to be replaced after each use. In specific instances, like a dust collection system using a explosion isolation valve on the inlet duct, the flameless vent needs to be “non-closing” which means its stays open even after the explosion is over. This type of flameless vent needs to be manually reset each time. Flameless vents are calculated the same exact way as explosion vents.

Flameless Explosion Vent on Cartridge Dust Collector

Flameless explosion venting