More Explosion Protection Products

“Other Explosion Protection for Manufacturing Facilities”

Besides passive devices like explosion vents and flameless vents, there are more options and equipment for explosion protection. The other alternative to vents is active suppression systems which consist of suppression bottles that contain sodium bicarbonate.

Explosion Suppression System

Explosion suppression system

Explosion Suppression System

If you don’t have a dedicated safe area for venting outside or don’t want to use a flameless vent inside, an explosion suppression system can be used. Also, suppression bottles are not only used on the vessel itself but can be added to inlet or discharge duct lines as well.

Isolation Flap Valves

Isolation flap valves are an explosion isolation device that mitigates explosion propagation risks to upstream equipment. They are available from 4 to 28 inches in diameter and meet the requirements of OSHA Combustible Directive and NFPA 654, 69 latest edition, and EU ATEX directive compliant.

Explosion Isolation Flap valve

Explosion isolation flap valves

Hopper Outlet Explosion Isolation

Rotary airlocks

Rotary Airlocks

Dust collector and receiver vessels typically incorporate a Rotary Airlock Valve at the hopper outlet to provide an air seal for the collected materials as it is discharged into a dedicated collection device. When handling potentially explosive materials, isolation at the outlet of the discharge hopper requires an isolation flame barrier to meet NFPA 69, and the rotary airlock must be designed for deflagration pressures.

Drum Kits for Hopper Outlets

Drum kits are designed to attach to a hopper or vessel outlet and act as an extension of the hopper or vessel. The receiver drum can be a 55-gallon, 10-gallon pail, or custom-designed receiver. The drum kits are designed to meet NFPA compliant 3rd party testing to 14 psi.

Explosion Isolation at Hopper Discharge

Hopper outlet explosion isolation drum kits

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