Explosion Vents or Panels

“Explosion Vents are Cost Effective for Explosion Protection”

Explosion Vents on a Cartridge Dust Collector

Explosion protection vents

Explosion vents are the most cost-effective explosion protection solution for industrial process vessels. Available in round, square, rectangular shapes and in flat or domed configurations allow for multiple options to best fit the vessel. Based on the effective area size using the calculation in NFPA 68, multiple smaller vents can be used to fulfill the effective area or one larger vent depending on the vessel size. 

Explosion vents are often used on vessels that are located outdoors and have a safe area to vent to. If vessels are indoors and located next to an exterior wall, it is possible to use a vent duct connection that allows the constituents of an explosion to be relived outdoors to a safe area. For vent ducting to be effective, there must be minimal duct work. When utilized properly, explosion vents can provide be an economic solution to protect your vessel or process.

 Explosion Vents on a Baghouse Dust Collector
Wood dust collectors typically require explosion venting.